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Summer Gala

Shayla Vie Jenkins and Leah Cox
Performance on the Pond by Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company. Shown: dancers Shayla Vie Jenkins and Leah Cox.

On Saturday, July 19, LongHouse Reserve hosted a Summer Gala on their 16-acre East Hampton grounds honoring two distinguished contributors to the arts, Post-Minimalist artist Martin Puryear and Storm King Art Center chairman, president and co-founder H. Peter Stern. Martin Puryear will receive the LongHouse Medal of 2008 and H. Peter Stern received the first LongHouse Art Leadership Award. The sold out gala was attended by 350 guests. Notable attendees included: Edward Albee, Dianne Benson, Tina-Maria Birch, Barbara Lee Diamonstein-Spielvogel, Richard and Linda Donnelly, Simon Doonan, Roberto and Fabiana Dutesco, Pamela Fiori, Manana Freyre, Michèle Gerber Klein, Bryan Hunt, Patricia Kluge and Bill Moses, Dorothy Lichtenstein, Jack Lenor Larsen, Barbara Slifka, Mark and Elizabeth Levine, Cynthia and Leon Polsky, Martin Puryear and Jeanne Gordon Puryear, Annaliese Soros, Helen W. Drutt English and H. Peter Stern, Terrie Sultan, Eve and Wyatt Suter, Fern and Lenard Tessler, and Robert Wilson.

LongHouse was pleased to highlight Puryear's work, following The Modern Museum of Art's (MoMA) recent major exhibition of his sculptures, which chronicled the evolution of the acclaimed artist's 30-year-to-date career.  Puryear's work celebrated the Post-Minimalist generation and his unique influences, which range from his interest in Native American history to Scandinavian woodcarving.  Primarily through wood, Puryear exemplifies the beauty of manual skill and traditional building methods.  His fellow honoree, H. Peter Stern, is a true “Renaissance individual,” who has been a great supporter of countless sculptors through the Storm King Art Center in the Hudson Valley, which he co-founded in 1960.  The Center now features an internationally-acclaimed permanent collection of American and European modern sculpture; focused on large abstract welded steel works from the 1960's to the present.

Guests who attended had a chance to celebrate and support the LongHouse Reserve tradition of aesthetic beauty in its most natural forms. This year's theme was focused on organic beauty, which translated into art installations without bounds, a feast of earthy American flavors and décor that stems largely from the LongHouse's own natural resources. Throughout the evening guests enjoyed wines from Kluge Estate and were introduced to Vineyard Estates at Kluge Winery by owners Patricia Kluge and Bill Moses. Benefit committee members who made the evening possible included:  Edward Albee, Jan Cowles, Adelaide de Menil, Helen W. Drutt English, Bill T. Jones, Mark and Elizabeth Levine, Dorothy Lichtenstein, David and Renee McKee, Robert Menschel, Stephanie Odegard, Cynthia Hazen Polsky and Leon B. Polsky, and Robert Wilson.

A notable new art installation of Wild Horses of Sable Island by Roberto Dutesco dazzled guests who arrived at 6:00 p.m. for cocktails and had a chance to wander the LongHouse Reserve's impressive grounds, which  also featured permanent works executed by such artists as Yoko Ono, Miquel Barceló and Dale Chihuly. During cocktails guests' interest was directed to the LongHouse pond where Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company performed a special dance.

All proceeds from the Summer Gala support the LongHouse Reserve, whose gallery, arboretum, sculpture gardens, and educational programs, unite art and nature, aesthetics and spirit.  LongHouse strives to build upon its strong belief that the arts are central to living wholly and creatively.

Matko Tomicic, Jeanne Puryear,  Martin Puryear, Renee and David McKee
Matko Tomicic, Jeanne Puryear, honoree Martin Puryear, Renee and David McKee.

H. Peter Stern, Helen W. Drutt English and Peter Bienstock
Honoree H. Peter Stern, Helen W. Drutt English and Peter Bienstock.

Jeanne Collins, Jack Lenor Larsen, Barbara Slifka
Jeanne Collins, LongHouse Reserve founder Jack Lenor Larsen, Barbara Slifka.

Lysbeth Marigold, Dianne Benson, and Robert Wilson
Lysbeth Marigold, Dianne Benson, and Robert Wilson.

Edward Albee, Terrie Sultan, Christopher French
Edward Albee, Terrie Sultan, Christopher French.

Dorothy Lichtenstein
Dorothy Lichtenstein.

  Fabiana Dutesco and Roberto Dutesco
Fabiana Dutesco and Roberto Dutesco.

Bill Moses and Patricia Kluge
Bill Moses and Patricia Kluge.

Eve Suter and Sheila Cobb
Eve Suter and Sheila Cobb.

  Lucas Schoormans and Marla Sabo
Lucas Schoormans and Marla Sabo.

Lisa Lori, Ennius Bergsna, Linda Donnelly and Richard Donnelly
Lisa Lori, Ennius Bergsna, Linda Donnelly and Richard Donnelly.

Matko Tomicic, Manana Freyre, Dianne Benson
Matko Tomicic, Manana Freyre, Dianne Benson.

Michele Gerber Klein, Marcia Gyglia King
Michele Gerber Klein, Marcia Gyglia King.

  Roberto Dutesco
Roberto Dutesco whose notable new art installation of Wild Horses of Sable Island dazzled guests.

Tina-Maria Birch and Yuta Powell
Tina-Maria Birch and Yuta Powell.

Photos: Images 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15: Patrick McMullan.  Images 2, 4, 6, 9, 13, 16: Richard Lewin.
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